Sustainable development

We understand sustainability as responsible behavior towards our customers and partners, shareholders, employees, and the environment. We aim to balance our economic, social, and environmental impact.

Two Sulzer employees outside of service center walking towards camera with products in the background

Sulzer intends to do business in a responsible way. To do so, the company embeds its sustainability activities in daily business and sets up suitable management frameworks, systems, and processes. Through a centralized reporting system and local initiatives, Sulzer monitors and drives its sustainability efforts globally and locally.

We aim to create value and improve our economic, social, and environmental impact by:

  • developing innovative, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions for our customers and helping them to manage and improve the entire product life cycle;
  • providing our employees with a safe and healthy workplace and creating opportunities for professional development;
  • reducing the company’s environmental footprint through measures in the areas of energy consumption and waste.